Character Creation

First: Choose your Background and Character Concept

Second: Select Your Ability Attributes

These are your character’ innate capabilities. Your characters sheet starts with a single dot in each attribute already. Prioritize three categorical columns (5/4/3) which you can spend your dots in. Remember that the fifth dot costs double. Each FACTION in the World of Darkness receives ONE extra attribute dot at character creation. Faction points are spent along ROWS instead of columns and are as follows. Werewolves may put an extra single dot into any POWER. Mages may put an extra single dot into any FINESSE. Vampires may put an extra single dot into any RESISTANCE. A Hunter may put a single dot ANYWHERE. As your character gains experience points, you may choose to spend them. Attributes are bought at a rate of New Dots X 5 ( XP needed = New Dots * 5).

Third: Select Your Skills

Skills are your character’s learned capabilities. Much like attributes, they are spent by category. Note that NOT having any dots in an ability makes you untrained, which imposes a penalty. Spending on Skill Categories also goes by prioritization (11/7/4) and the fifth dot in any Skill has double cost. As your character levels you may buy skills at the rate of New Dots X 3 using experience points ( XP needed = New Dots * 3).

Fourth: Select Specialties

Specialties are your character’s area of expertise, which give stituational bonuses. All characters start with THREE specialties to assign. You may assign any number of specialties to the same stat, each one merely applies to a different situational benefit. You may, of course, choose to only assign one specialty per stat. As your character advances you may buy more specialties for 3 experience points (3 xp).

Fifth: Supernatural Template

Six: Determine Advantages

Advantages are Traits determined from your Ability Attributes.

They are:

Defense: Lowest of Dexterity or Wits Health: Stamina plus Size Initiative: Dexterity plus Composure Morality Willpower: Resolve plus Composure If the character was successful in some goals, and gets a good night’s rest. Then the storyteller may award them a SINGLE willpower point.

Seven: Merits, Flaws, Vices, and Virtues

Virtues & Vices are important mechanically because they are the main mechanism for the replenishment of Willpower. Virtues can replenish ALL of a character’s Willpower points. However, for an act of virtue to do so, it must bring the risk of some substantial loss and / or danger to the character (as determined by the Storyteller). Acting on a Vice may result in gaining a SINGLE Willpower point. However for an act of Vice to do so, it must have the potential to generate a Humanity Check (as determined by the Storyteller).

The Seven Saintly Virtues are: Charity (Compassion) , Faith (Loyalty) , Fortitude ( Courage) , Hope ( , Justice , Prudence ( Humility) , & Temperance ( )

The Seven Deadly Sins (Vices) are: Envy ( Paranoia ), Gluttony ( Epicurean ), Greed ( Avarice ), Lust ( Impetousness ), Pride ( Egoism ), Sloth ( Cowardice ), & Wrath ( Anger ).

Finishing Touches

Character Creation

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